Allied Bond

Consulting Limited

Prior to incorporation as Allied Bond Consulting Limited in 2005, Allied Bond  Consulting started operations in 1998 as the Conferences, Courses, Seminars and Workshops unit of Allied Bond (Financial Services ) Limited, which  was incorporated in  Nigeria in 1989 with RC 137256. 


Allied Bond (Financial Services) Limited commenced business formally in 1990 by engaging in brokerage and financial services marketing. This has over the years extended to a range of financial and management services which have developed extensive synergy and covers:

Financial Consulting and Advisory Services
Financial and Management Re-engineering
Project Promotion,  Management and Evaluation
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Corporate Strategy  and Solutions

Financial Services Marketing

Financial Brokerage

In the course of rendering consultancy services to some Public Utility Agencies the firm realize the dearth of knowledge of simple modern techniques and its application amongst the personnel of the agencies. This was in addition to the near moribund status of some Agencies arising from poor management. This stimulated in Allied Bond (Financial Services) Limited the need for specialized seminars and workshops to train, educate and update the knowledge of management and personnel of Utility Agencies. This gave birth to Allied Bond Consulting.

Allied Bond Consulting was therefore created to handle the growing need for specialized capacity building Seminars and Workshops by Public Utility Agencies. This has informed one of its missions which is total commitment to enhancing the development, standard, quality and efficiency of service delivery in Infrastructure and public Utility Agencies in Nigeria. It is against this background and the realization that government alone can no longer afford to spend colossal sums in the development and management of infrastructure as well as the provision of social services that has made the firm to become a strong advocate of Public Private Partnership (PPP). 

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To Promote and attain world standards and international best practices in Power - Infrastructure-Finance and Services in Nigeria.


Generally the objectives or activities of Allied Bond Consulting Limited are categorized into two broad areas of:

Consultancy Services - Innovative Strategies Conceptualization, Re-engineering for Growth and Productivity and Development Consultancy.


The Promotion of Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth Programmes, Development Agendas, Business Best Practices, Enterprise Development and Enhancing Access to Finance for Economic Growth Programmes through: 

  • Conferences
  • Courses
  • Seminar
  • Workshop

Under the auspices of PIFS (Power-Infrastructure- Finance- Services) Conferences.

We initiate policies and programmes that would generate growth.

We have the capacity to articulate themes and topics, develop modules, identify speakers and panel discussants, source for sponsors and exhibitors for conferences.

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